Training roundup - January 2023

Posted by s.aragon on 10 January 2023 - 12:44pm
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Happy New Year, readers! 2023 will bring many more workshops and training events. For the very first roundup of the year, our Training Lead, Aleksandra Nenadic has collated our training updates and upcoming events. If you’d like to see an upcoming workshop or an important training-related update included here, get in touch!

Upcoming training events/workshops

Byte-sized RSE is a series of online sessions that began in October 2022 and is run by the UNIVERSE-HPC project, where SSI is a partner. The series provides key research software skills in just 1 hour and each session has a companion podcast episode in the Code for Thought podcast series. Topics covered so far include software licensing, collaboration and code review via GitHub, and testing your Python code. The upcoming Byte-sized RSE Session 4: Continuous Integration will run via Zoom on Tuesday 17th January 2023, 13:00-14:00 GMT/UTC+0. Registrations for this session are now open.


If you want to learn how to develop lessons collaboratively and have an idea for developing a new lesson from scratch with a group of collaborators you can get more information or apply to join The Carpentries Collaborative Lesson Development Training Pilots.

The Carpentries Incubator Lesson Spotlight is a regular feature in The Carpentries blog and Carpentries Clippings newsletter, highlighting the great work the Carpentry community is doing to develop new lessons in The Carpentries Incubator. The last edition’s featured lesson is R and the Tidyverse for Working with Data.

An advanced notice that The Carpentries official lessons will migrate to use The Carpentries Workbench, the new lesson infrastructure, in May 2023. If you are developing or thinking of developing a new lesson, please consider switching to the new lesson infrastructure.

ELIXIR’s Code Reproducibility Training Initiative is creating training materials in sustainable and reproducible code as part of the ELIXIR-CONVERGE project. You can find out more or register your interest by contacting Alexia Cardona and Nazeefa Fatima.

UK Carpentry community calls

Join us every fourth Monday of the month for the monthly UK Carpentry community calls where UK Carpentry instructors, helpers and workshop coordinators (or anyone involved in training tech to researchers in general and outside of the UK) get together to hear from each other and collaborate. 


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