Registration now open for Data Upskilling Short Courses (DUSC) 2023

Posted by s.aragon on 9 August 2023 - 9:21am
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By Gina Pegu  

Data Carpentry and the University of Edinburgh will deliver four Data Upskilling Short Courses (DUSC) from September to December 2023. All courses offer funded places for employed, unemployed or furloughed people in Scotland who meet the Scottish Funding Council eligibility criteria

Data Cleaning & Organising with Python will run online from the 12th to the 15th of September and will provide the fundamental tools and methods for data entry, cleaning, analysis and visualisation using sample datasets from specific fields with spreadsheets, OpenRefine and Python. Everyone interested in acquiring a fast but sound grounding on a typical data life-cycle with a focus on Python is welcome to participate. No prior knowledge is needed. Course fees are £320. Register 

The Data Cleaning & Organising with R online course will take place from 10th to the 13th of October and will teach data organising with spreadsheets, data cleaning with OpenRefine, data analysis with RStudio skills. Fees are £270. Register 

An introduction to machine learning will take place from 13th to 14th November in Edinburgh. In this in-person workshop, participants will be able to identify, diagnose, and treat data-cleaning problems, apply appropriate machine-learning algorithms to problems and write scripts covering the end-to-end machine-learning pipeline. Course fees are £360. Register

The R, Regular expression and SQL workshop will run online from 5th to 8th December. The course will focus on the fundamental tools and methods for data entry, cleaning, analysis and visualisation, using sample datasets from specific fields. This course is suited to all roles with a component of data analysis. Course fees are £350. Register 

For more information about the courses and how to apply, please visit the DUSC website or contact Serena Sias.  

About Data Upskilling Short Courses

The DUSC initiative provides a portfolio of short, standalone courses designed to enable employees to upskill or working professionals to reskill through online or blended learning in the area of digital data.

The demand for fundamental data skills and coding expertise is rapidly growing across all sectors. Our experienced instructors, with diverse backgrounds in data handling, will guide you throughout our various courses. We provide foundational skills tailored to the backgrounds of attendees, ensuring you gain the knowledge needed to work with data in various sectors. The lesson materials, maintained by the community and available under a CC-BY license, support your learning journey. 


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