Rebooting gone wrong! Software Horror Stories podcast episode out now

Posted by j.laird on 8 March 2022 - 10:00am

Code for thought logoRebooting gone wrong! - the first Software Horror Stories 10-minute episode is now available on the Code For Thought podcast.

Yo Yehudi, Executive Director at Open Life Sciences,  joins Selina Aragon, SSI Communications Lead and host of the series, as the first guest of Software Horror Stories. Yo talks through one of the scariest moments of her life as an RSE, how she fixed it, and her tips to overcome your very own horror stories. 

Listen to Rebooting gone wrong. 

Based on the Coding Confessions project, Software Horror Stories shares people’s unintended oversights when coding and how this impacted their research. The aim is to help normalise mistakes and emphasise how they’re a necessary evil of the learning journey in developing software for research. Look out for new episodes each month!

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