Opportunity to join Open Life Science ambassador programme

Posted by j.laird on 18 June 2020 - 9:30am

Open Life Science logoThe Open Life Science mentoring and training programme is open for applications. The programme helps early stage researchers and potential academic leaders to become Open Science ambassadors in the life science community.

Participants on the 16 week programme learn to create, lead and sustain an Open Science project while gaining opportunities for collaboration, exchanging skills and raising their profiles.

From openlifesci.org:

“Participants join this program with a project that they either are already working on or want to develop during this program. Project ideas can range from solving technical questions, to creating an open data project or report, developing open source software project, writing open publication, facilitating community/team culture movements, advancing open educational resource or contributing to other existing projects/community.”

Open for applications

Applications are open now and will close on 30 June. There will be a webinar on 23 June for potential applicants to find out more information about the programme, which will run from September until December.

Find out more at openlifesci.org.

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