N8 CIR - Success in the Cloud

Posted by g.law on 23 September 2019 - 9:00am
pink cloud formations
Photo by Billy Huynh at Unsplash

The N8 CIR event in Manchester on 17 October will see a full day of lectures and presentations from sector leaders on the challenges and benefits of performing High Performance and High Throughput Computing on a variety of cloud platforms.

Following the N8 CIR research software engineers’ meet up earlier in 2019, this event offers opportunities for those working with cloud computing platforms.

The event will include three speakers in the morning followed by a series of lightning talks, all coupled to networking opportunities.

Confirmed speakers include Simon Hood and Christopher Paul from the University of Manchester who will be speaking about the technical aspects of cloud bursting using HTCondor on AWS. Cliff Addison from the University of Liverpool will be speaking about utilising public cloud in a planned disaster recovery scenario, full abstract below. Finally Gary Leeming, also from the University of Manchester, will be speaking about the challenges of utilising the cloud for processing sensitive data.

To book a place at the event please visit: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/n8-cir-success-in-the-cloud-tickets-72923629539

The event will take place at Chamberspace on Deansgate in Manchester. The event will be fully catered with tea, coffee and pastries, a buffet lunch and morning and afternoon refreshments.

The event is free to those working or studying at universities within the N8 Research Partnership.