Institute Directors feature on Research Software Engineer Stories podcast

Posted by j.laird on 25 June 2020 - 5:00pm
Photo by Malte Wingen

Software Sustainability Institute Director Neil Chue Hong and Deputy Director Simon Hettrick are interviewed in the latest episode of the Research Software Engineer Stories podcast.

The podcast was started last year by Vanessa Sochat from Stanford University in California to demonstrate the important and varied work of Research Software Engineers (RSEs) across many areas of research. Recently Peter Schmidt from UCL joined the podcast to add stories from the UK and EU, the first of which aired in June 2020.

Peter Schmidt said:

“The RSE movement is relatively young. And I suspect that many outside (and possibly inside?) academia are still unaware of who we are and what we do. Not to mention the career opportunities that exist in this field. Many of my colleagues and I feel that we need to put RSEs and our work firmly on the map. I see the RSE Stories podcast as a good opportunity to spread the word.”

In the latest episode, Neil and Simon talk about the Institute, their careers and how they think COVID-19 had changed the way in which RSEs work. Listen to the episode 'Software is the backbone'.