Call for candidates for the 2020 Carpentries Executive Council

Posted by on 4 November 2019 - 7:34am

Nominations are now open for community-elected and Council-elected positions.

Carpentries leaders are needed! Do you have:

  • A desire to join Carpentries leaders from around the world in shaping the future of The Carpentries and assuring our continued success?
  • A desire to expand your sense of contribution to The Carpentries by doing it at a global level?
  • A desire and willingness to work hard and to represent the entire organisation?
  • Knowledge and experience that will assist The Carpentries Executive Council in strategically leading and guiding the organisation?

If yes, then The Carpentries needs YOU!!

In the search for qualified candidates to serve on The Carpentries Executive Council, every member of The Carpentries community is encouraged to participate in the process, by nominating themselves or a qualified individual for one of the seats coming up for election.

The Executive Council is the governance body for The Carpentries, and is responsible for strategic and organisational planning. The members of the Executive Council serve two year terms, and are elected by either the community or Executive Council.

Community-elected Members

The Carpentries community elects two members to the Executive Council each year. These candidates must self-nominate, and must already be voting members in The Carpentries. Any individuals who are not successful in the community election may be automatically considered for Council-elected positions. Nominate yourself for community-wide positions using this form. Your answers to this form will be published in a blog post announcing all candidates for the community election. You can view examples of nomination posts in this list of previous candidates. You will also have the opportunity to record a three minute video to be shared with the community.

Council-elected Members

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Photo by Alexander Andrews on Unsplash

Council-elected positions are elected by the Executive Council; two to three members are elected each year from community nominations. Two council-elected positions are open for the 2020 Executive Council. Anyone may nominate someone for council-elected positions, and the nominee does not need to be previously affiliated with The Carpentries to serve in these positions. The Executive Council will contact candidates nominated for Council-elected positions to ensure they are prepared to serve if elected. Nominate someone for a Council-elected position using this form.

Nominations for both Community-elected and Council-elected positions close on November 24, 2019, Anywhere on Earth (AoE).

Please review the FAQ here prior to submitting a nomination.