The beta release of Hypergraph is here

Posted by j.laird on 12 October 2020 - 2:30pm

Hypergraph icon
Image courtesy of Liberate Science

Hypergraph (Beta) is free-to-play, free-to-access, open source software to help reset research publishing.

Use it to publicly document your research step by step, before the issues of after-the-fact articles even begin. This means that you can share all kinds of steps in your research - the theory, predictions, transcripts, materials, code, data, results and more. Plus you can share files such as Jupyter notebooks, scripts, data files, videos, audio files, text, and any other open file format.

Hypergraph was first demonstrated at Collaborations Workshop 2020, where Executive Director of Liberate Science Chris Hartgerink discussed how traditional articles are often written in hindsight, causing selective publication, p-hacking, and many other issues that Hypergraph aims to solve. He then walked participants through how to use the software (you can watch the workshop recording here).

Chris Hartgerink says: 

"In 2020, it is time for our research communication to reflect the way research is done. Hypergraph is about enabling new research workflows and making them part of the communication process. I’m excited about co-creating Hypergraph with researchers who are innovating with their research."

You can download Hypergraph, read more information in the introductory blog post, or watch the 74 second explainer video.

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