Applications open for Open Life Science mentoring program

Posted by j.laird on 10 January 2022 - 10:00am

Open Life Science logoOpen Life Science is a 16-week mentoring and training program that upskills individuals in open and reproducible research and empowers them to become open science ambassadors in their communities. After successfully concluding four cohorts, 113 projects and 180 project leads, they have opened a call for applications for the next cohort, OLS-5, which will take place from February to June 2022. The application deadline is 15 January, 2022. Visit for details.

This program will provide a unique opportunity for individuals and teams to integrate best practices for open and reproducible research in new or ongoing projects. We will also offer microgrants to our participants to ensure that they can equitably participate in the program (see this post for details). 

Watch the OLS-4 Graduations

The project leads for OLS-4 brought over 20 projects from around the world and have been working hard amid the pandemic to advance their knowledge in open and reproducible research practices while establishing themselves as experts in their fields (see the projects and participants). 

You can watch the live-streamed graduation calls on YouTube as they share their projects with the wider open science communities on 18, 19 and 20 January 2022. They’ll be spread across three different hour-long sessions, and available on YouTube after the event if you can’t attend in real-time.

Please register for one (or all) graduation calls via the Eventbrite pages.

We especially welcome you if you are:

  • friends, family, colleagues, of the current project leaders who are graduating.
  • planning to apply for OLS-5 and want to see what our current projects are like.
  • interested in learning about the OLS and what we do.
  • from an open research institute, funder, journal, or anyone else who would like to see some of the shining stars of early open science projects from this cohort.

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