5th Exascale Applications and Software Conference 2018 (EASC18)

Posted by s.aragon on 23 March 2018 - 11:52am

The Exascale Applications and Software Conference 2018 (EASC18) will take place on 17th to 19th April 2018 in Edinburgh, Scotland, in the John McIntyre Conference Centre (JMCC). The general early-bird registration fee is £325, and early-bird student registration fee: £250. Early-bird registrations are open until the 28th March 2018.

The conference will cover diverse topics associated with applications, tools, software programming models and libraries, and other technologies necessary to exploit future exascale systems, including:

  • enabling and optimising applications for exascale;
  • developing and enhancing algorithms for exascale systems;
  • aiding the exploitation of massively parallel systems through tools, e.g. performance analysis, debugging, development environments;
  • programming models and libraries for exascale;
  • exascale runtimes and system software;
  • evaluating best practice in HPC concerning large-scale facilities and application execution;
  • novel uses of current generation and future exascale systems;
  • new hardware technologies and their exploitation to solve exascale challenges.

For full details and registration, please visit the EASC18 page.

Exascale Applications Workshop

EASC attendees are also invited to register for a free Exascale Applications Workshop on 19 April (p.m.) – 20 April (a.m.) at Pollock Halls, Edinburgh.

This workshop will focus on communication models and their use in applications. The aim is to increase the scalability of scientific and industrial codes to exascale for those applications that require it.

The workshop will have 4 sessions:

Asynchronous execution (chair: Dr George Beckett, EPCC)
Interoperability (chair: Dr Mark Bull, EPCC)
Usage of libraries (chair: Dr Mirko Rahn, Fraunhofer ITWM)
Distributed tasks (chair: Dr Jakub Šístek, University of Manchester)

Full descriptions of each session and the proposed agenda can be found in the workshop’s agenda.