EGI Workshop on how to choose an open license for data or code

Posted by m.jackson on 24 February 2015 - 9:51am

EGI Conference 2015 poster

There are a growing number of web pages offering advice on how to choose an open license for data or code. The advice they give is partly conflicting. As part of the EGI Conference 2015 in Lisbon, on Tuesday 19th May at 11:00, a workshop is being held to bring together the authors of such pages and others with expertise in this area to clarify the choices of license available.

The workshop will compare experience and insights, and so inform future recommendations on choice of license. The development and publication of software, databases, and web services within the BioMedBridges project will provide use cases to inform the discussion. The workshop will consist of a series of short (ten minute) presentations, each preferably on a single issue.

Among the issues to be discussed are:

  • Making a limitation of liability clause that is effective in European jurisdictions;
  • The appropriate apportionment of liability between data user, data provider, and database administrator;
  • How the provision of e-infrastructure can change the opportunities and risks of research misconduct;
  • Server-side scripts: the tension between IT security and scientific transparency;
  • Licenses for web services;
  • Relationship between choice of license and choice of the business model for sustainability.

The EGI conference in Lisbon runs from 18-22 May 2015.

The Software Sustainability Institute will be presenting at the event and we will be highlighting relevant outcomes of our IPCLC (Intellectual Property, Copyright, Licensing and Commercialisation) Workshop which brought together Legal staff, Knowledge Transfer personnel and researchers who develop software supported research.

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