Fitbit announces sponsorship for RSE Hackday

Posted by s.hettrick on 12 August 2014 - 11:05am

The Research Software Engineers hackday (16 September 2014) will focus on the use of activity monitors to assess, understand and maybe even diagnose mental health issues. To do this, we need activity monitors to collect data and to use on on the day. We're very happy to announce that Fitbit have come to our aid and provided 10 Fitbit Flex for the hackday!

Rae Lovejoy, Digital Marketing Manager EMEA from Fitbit UK, said "We’d like to wish everyone the best of luck for the Hack Day. We’re thrilled that we were able to support the Research Software Engineer campaign. We can't wait to hear about how many steps the Fitbit Flex record during the research period!"

Now we need to set about collecting some data. One suggestion is that everyone on the RSE committee wear a Fitbit for the week up to the hackday. Not only will this provide data for the hackday, it will also allow attendees at the hackday to find out which committee member is the laziest!


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