Machine learning is easy….

Posted by s.hettrick on 17 July 2014 - 9:24am

By Kenji Takeda, Microsoft Research.

Well, it just got a lot easier with the new Azure Machine Learning cloud service. To find out more about how this can help your research, join Microsoft Research on 22 July for our live webinar including Q&A with Roger Barga, in Microsoft’s Cloud Machine Learning group. You can register to watch live, or on-demand afterwards.

This powerful cloud service provides the capability to visually compose machine learning experiments; access to proven algorithms from Microsoft Research, Bing, and Xbox; first-class support for R, enabling you to seamlessly bring in existing work; unmatched ease of collaboration - simply click share my workspace and share experiments with anyone, anywhere; and tools to immediately deploy a predictive model as a machine-learning web service on the cloud.

We are soliciting proposals for Azure Machine Learning Awards for data science courses, research project, and shared workspaces for research collaboration. The deadline is 15 September 2014. Microsoft Research is now supporting over 300 projects worldwide as part of its Azure for Research programme. You can apply for one of our bi-monthly awards, the next deadline for projects is 15th August 2014. Please submit your project proposals for up to 180,000 core hours of compute and 20TB of data over 12 months. Read the FAQ for more details.

To keep up to date please Join the Microsoft Azure for Research community and conversation on LinkedIn and Twitter (#azureresearch).

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