How to get intelligence from conferences – for free

Posted by s.hettrick on 28 November 2011 - 10:13am

ConferenceCrowd.jpgKnowing about the latest developments in your field can make the difference between successful research and failure. But it's not possible to attend all the necessary conferences and speak to everyone who has something important to say, so how can you keep ahead of the game?

We are making the intelligence generated by our Agents and ourselves freely available to everyone.

After we've attended a conference, we write a conference report that highlights the major developments, the important people, the latest funding opportunities and other news. This helps the Institute plan where to invest our time and energy. It takes a lot of work to generate this kind of intelligence, so we want to make sure that the research community gets the most from it. And this means we've decided to make our intelligence open.

The intelligence comes from a wide range of conferences, because our Agents come from a wide range of backgrounds. Although the intelligence comes from different backgrounds, it will all have a focus on new research and the software that is being used to conduct research.

Intelligence is valuable, so we’re also making a proposition. We’re happy for you to benefit from the intelligence we generate, but we’re also happy for you to contribute. If you’re interested in submitting reports from the conferences you attend, please let us know.

We've only just started adding reports, but we will continue to do so throughout the year to build the conference intelligence page into a vital resource. Visit the conference intelligence page.

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