Lightning talks


Introducing your work

Lightning talks give you five minutes (and one slide) to discuss your work and you requirements. What you talk about is up to you. You can talk about an aspect of your work that you want help with, you can use your time to publicise a project, you could use the talk like a job advertisement to attract others to work with you or just introduce yourself, what you do and what you're good at.

We're running two lightening talk sessions on the first day of the workshop, although if there is too great a demand we can schedule some more time on the second day.

A pdf of the lightning talks presented at the workshop is available on the materials page.

How to give a good lightning talk

It's easy: read our guide to lightning talks.

How quick is lightning?

Pretty quick. You have five minutes and one slide to present your talk.

Videos of lightning talks

Videos of the majority of the lightning talks are available on the videos page.

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