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The Collaborations Workshop 2023 is only possible through generous contributions from our sponsors. We appreciate all contributions! Below are suggested packages or you may contact us and we will work on tailoring a bespoke package for your needs.


CW23 Sponsorship Packages Sign Up Form







Place on CW23 Steering Committee ✔ (1) (*) ✔ (1) (*) ✔ (2) (*)

Free registration

✔ (1 remote)

✔ (1 in-person or remote)

✔ (2 in-person or remote)

Logo on CW23 Sponsors Page

✔ (small)

✔ (medium)

✔ (large)

Description on CW23 Sponsors Page

✔ (maximum of 50 words)

✔ (maximum of 100 words)

Sponsor announcement on SSI website ✔ (1 news item, maximum of 400 words) ✔ (1 blog post, maximum of 800 words)

Announcement Tweet

✔ (1)

✔ (2) (*)

✔ (3) (*)

Tweet during event

✔ (1 per day)

✔ (1 per day)

✔ (2 per day)

Lightning talk slot




Mini-workshop or demo session slot

✔ (30 min) (*)

✔ (60 min) (*)

Video interview with Sponsor shared via social media ✔ (maximum of 2 minutes)(*)
Thanks (on all event reporting) ✔ (listed ahead of Silver sponsors) ✔ (listed ahead of Gold and Silver sponsors)

Donation (plus VAT)

£1500 (**)

£3000 (**)

£6000 (**)

(*) These benefits are subject to contract date. 
(**) In kind donation options available, please get in touch.

These are our suggested packages and we are very open to discussions with interested partners about where they would like to focus their sponsorship or to negotiate a bespoke package.

Benefits marked with a single asterisk (*) are subject to contract date to mitigate the risk of time-intensive benefits needing to be implemented close to the event date or in the case of the programme having already been finalised.


A la carte benefits

A la carte benefits can either be combined with any of the sponsorship packages above, selected independent of a package, or combined into a bespoke package by completing the sponsorship form. Please note that in kind donation options are not available for a la carte benefits.

Accessibility and diversity fund (£1,000 each)

To increase the accessibility to and diversity of CW23, we are looking for ways to offer free registration (plus travel and accommodation for in-person participants or equipment to facilitate hybrid participation for remote participants) to students, early career academics or community members who may not be able to attend otherwise. If you are interested in supporting participation costs for (a set number of) participants, please get in contact. £1,000 will support a single in-person participant or at least two remote participants. Organisations providing scholarships will have their logo on the Sponsors Page and receive thanks in all reporting for supporting participation.

Hack Day Prizes Sponsor (1 available - £4,000)

Collaborations Workshop concludes with the Hack Day - where teams form to collaborate and co-develop the ideas that participants co-designed during the workshop or projects that they brought with them. The Hack Day teams to come in first, second and third place will win prizes. These are normally small hardware items (such as Raspberry Pis, noise-cancelling headsets, or tablets) or gift vouchers. The organisation who sponsors the Hack Day prizes will have 2 free registrations, 2 places on the Hack Day judging panel, their logo on the Sponsors Page, and receive thanks in all reporting.

Workshop Dinner Sponsor (1 available - £5,000)

This sponsor will host the workshop dinner for up to 100 delegates. The organisation who sponsors the workshop dinner will have 2 free registrations, the opportunity to speak for 15 minutes to open the dinner, their logo on the Sponsors Page and all signage at the dinner, and receive thanks in all reporting.

Audio/Video Sponsor (2 available - £10,000)

CW23 will be fully hybrid to allow maximum interaction between in-person and remote participants while causing minimum disruption to either. Therefore, professional A/V support is required to facilitate high quality hybrid facilitation, streaming and recording of the plenary and mini-workshop sessions. The organisation who sponsors the A/V will have 2 free registrations, their logo on the Sponsors Page and all session recordings which will be uploaded to the Institute's YouTube channel, and receive thanks in all reporting.


Sponsorship Details

Place on CW23 Steering Committee

All sponsors are considered partners of CW23, and as such you are very welcome to join the Steering Committee to help guide our programme. Please note this is subject to contract date.

Free registration

Collaborations Workshop 2023: Complete tickets cost £275 for each in-person participant and £50 for each remote participant, and provide access to the interactive sessions, communication channels, social programme and Hack Day. All Keynote talks will be broadcasted live and free-to-access to the wider community, with Sponsor logos included on introduction slides. Sponsors are very welcome to submit a lightning talk(s), propose an activity for the social programme, and otherwise fully engage with the event.

Logo and description on CW23 Sponsors Page

Sponsor names will be listed at the top of the CW23 landing page and logos will be displayed on the associated CW23 Sponsors Page (see image below for what this page will look like). Links to the sponsors' websites will be included as well as description (depending on package).



Announcement on SSI website

The Institute will publish the announcement at

Announcement Tweet

The Institute will announce the sponsor using the @SoftwareSaved account.

Tweet during event

The Institute will mention the sponsor using the @SoftwareSaved account.

Lightning talk slot

The lightning talk slots are 2 minutes maximum.

Mini-workshop slot

The slot will be decided on mutual agreement. Please note this is subject to contract date.

Dedicated sponsor booth and/or breakout room 

The Sponsor will have a dedicated in-person booth and/or breakout room for people to speak to them during the coffee and/or lunch breaks at the event.

Video interview with Sponsor shared via social media

The Institute will interview a representative from the partnering organisation about why they enjoy Collaborations Workshop and/or partnering with the Software Sustainability Institute. The video will be shared across social media channels to promote CW23 and the partnership. Please note this is subject to contract date.

Thanks (on all reporting)

The Institute will publish blog posts at covering the workshop and will thank the sponsors in them. For example, see Highlights from Collaborations Workshop 2022.



Please complete the sponsorship form.

For all enquiries about sponsorship, please email CW22 Chair Rachael Ainsworth at


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