CW21 - Hack Day Entries and Winners

Everyone wins something on the Hack Day but we had special prizes for members of the teams that best matched our criteria.


This year, the prizes were Redbubble digital gift cards, which give the recipients the choice of millions of designs by independent artists printed on a range of products. Redbubble are committed to social responsibility and sustainability, and digital gift cards provide a more international- and pandemic-friendly prize for our participants.

The prizes for the winning Hack Day team members are as follows:

  • First place: £100 Redbubble digital gift card
  • Second place: £75 Redbubble digital gift card
  • Third place: £50 Redbubble digital gift card

Image of a Redbubble £100 digital gift card


Winning group: CarpenPi

CarpenPi group photo

  • Jannetta Steyn
  • Alison Clarke
  • Abhishek Dasgupta
  • Emily Lewis
  • Sam Haynes
  • Flic Anderson

Runners up

Coding Confessions

Coding Confessions group photo

  • Colin Sauze
  • Eirni Zormpa
  • Dave Horsfall
  • Patricia Herterich

Dugnads for Research

Dugnads for Research group photo

  • Sarah Gibson
  • Sarah Jaffa
  • Graham Lee

Habeas Corpus

  • Alexander Konovalov
  • Neil Chue Hong
  • Louise Chisholm
  • Stephan Druskat
  • Samantha Buzzard
  • Mark Turner
  • Hao Ye


Other groups

AHA: An Arts and Humanities Adventure!

  • Thibault Lestang
  • Laura Carter
  • Jonathan Frawley
  • Marion Weinzierl
  • Jez Cope

Credit All

  • Emma Karoune
  • Dominic Kempf
  • Malin Sandstrom
  • Daisy Parry

Exploring Past CW Ideas

  • Heather Turner
  • Robin Wilson
  • Mario Antonioletti


  • Daniel Garijo
  • Mattew Bluteau
  • Paddy McCann
  • Faruk Diblen
  • Carlos Martinez-Ortiz

Software Twilight

  • Eli Chadwick
  • Bailey Harrington
  • Alice Minotto
  • Diego Alonso Álvarez
  • Iain Barrass


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