CW19 Lightning Talks

Image by Mike Lewinski. Available at Flickr.

A lightning talk gives you two minutes and one slide to discuss a subject. Lightning talks are the perfect way to introduce yourself at the workshop.

You could talk about your work, an idea, a problem, a pitch for the CW Hackday or anything that's related to software and research, and ideally related to the theme of CW19; alternatively you could focus on one of the sub-themes of collaborative working, data/code sharing, reproducible research or data science.

How quick is lightning?

Lightning is pretty quick: two minutes. You are also allowed only one slide. Slide should not require any interaction. You'll be presenting alongside a countdown timer, so you'll have to keep to time. However, it's amazing how much you can present in two minutes.

Lightning talks top tips

If you are preparing a lightning talk for CW19 please take a read of our handy tips. Remember CW19 is going to attract people who are interested in both software and research, so tailor your talk to meet their needs.


Present a Lightning talk at CW19

Monday 1 April 2019 (day 1)

  1. Aleksandra Nenadic (slide)
  2. Carina Haupt (slide)
  3. Sarah Maddox (slide)
  4. Sorrel Harriet (slide)
  5. Lucy Whalley (slide)
  6. Alexandra Simperler (slide)
  7. Jeremy Cohen (slide)
  8. Alexander Konovalov (slide)
  9. Connah Kendrick (slide)
  10. Mario Antonioletti (slide)
  11. Alejandra Gonzalez-Beltran (slide)
  12. Anna Krystalli (slide)
  13. Chris Greenshields (slide)
  14. Dav Clark (slide)
  15. David Gillespie (slide)
  16. Emmy Tsang (slide)
  17. Jason Gates (slide)
  18. Lucia Michielin (slide)
  19. Robin Long (slide)
  20. Stephan Druskat (slide)

Waiting list:

  1. Jakob Jorgensen
  2. Alessandro Felder
  3. Benjamin Lee
  4. Daniel Hobley
  5. Joanna Leng

Tuesday 2 April 2019 (day 2)

  1. Jakob Jorgensen (slide)
  2. Alessandro Felder (slide)
  3. Benjamin Lee (slide)
  4. Daniel Hobley (slide)
  5. Joanna Leng (slide)
  6. Neil Chue Hong (slide)
  7. Shoaib Sufi (slide)
  8. Adam Jackson (slide)
  9. David PS (slide)
  10. Mose' Giordano (slide)
  11. Caroline Jay (slide)
  12. Colin Sauze (slide)
  13. Daniel S Katz (slide)
  14. Emily Bell (slide)
  15. Sarah Stewart (slide)

Waiting list:

  1. Tom Russell
  2. Victor Koppejan
  3. Robin Long
  4. Alejandra Gonzalez-Beltran

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