CW12 Collaborative ideas

QueensFrontQuad.jpgThe collaborative ideas session will get people talking about the work that they can do together. It takes place on the first morning of the workshop in the hall - see the agenda for times.

Which group?

On the front of your name badge, you will find a number between 1 and 9. That's your group. All of the groups are also listed below.

Get talking

Each of the tables in the hall will be labelled with a letter. Grab a coffee, and find your group's table.

Everyone in the group should introduce themselves and say a little about the work they do. Once you've got the introductions out of the way, choose a partner in your group and come up with an idea for a collaboration that you could both take part in.

You're looking for the best idea you can. It's quite possible that some collaborations might end up a little outrageous, or even a little tenuous, but the point is to find some common ground on which you could work together. Once you've come up with an idea, take a card from the table and write your name, your partner's name and one or two sentences to describe the collaboration.

Now find another partner in your group and come up with another idea for a collaboration. You've got an hour to get through as many people in your group as possible.

Ideas mean prizes

At the end of the session, you should have a set of cards describing a wide range of different collaborations. Choose the best idea and pin it to the collaborative ideas board, which can be found outside the auditorium. During the workshop, everyone will vote on the best ideas and there will be a prize for the best idea overall.


The groups for the collaborative ideas session are copied below. You will also find your group number written on the back of your name badge.

Group 1

Rob Baxter
Chris Cannam
Alistair Mills
Vanesa Magar
Norman Morrison
Stuart Rossiter
Rebecca Notman

Group 2

Megan Meredith-Lobay
Alan Williams
Stephen McGough
Colin Semple
Aleksandra Pawlik
Ilian Todorov

Group 3

Gillian Sinclair
Elisa Loza
Stephen Curwell
Anna Powell-Smith
Miles Berry
David De Roure

Group 4

Tim Parkinson
John Brooke
Jim Hensman
Mark Woodbridge
Quanbin Sun
Philippe Aeberhard

Group 5

Stephen Crouch
Simon Choppin
Philip Fowler
Robert Haines
Jan Taubert
Aaron Turner

Group 6

Neil Chue Hong
Daniel Emmerson
Laura Moss
Dirk Gorissen
Ian Bush
Malte Ressin

Group 7

Mahendra Mahey
Brian Hole
Heather Packer
Pamela Greenwell
Steve Fisher
Andrea Capiluppi

Group 8

Mike Jackson
David Wallom
Kristy Revell
Finn Bacall
Despoina Teli
Charlotte Hagen

Group 9

Shoaib Sufi
Matthieu Chavent
Ibad Kureshi
Song Wu
James Hetherington
Claire Devereux

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