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Software Sustainability in Computational Science and Engineering at PASC22 (part 1)

Latest version published on 27 October, 2022.

SSI Fellow Matthew Bluteau reflects on The Platform for Advanced Scientific Computing (PASC) 2022 conference.

Supporting digital skills of arts and humanities researchers

Latest version published on 10 February, 2023.

A new study shows the need to invest in digital, data and software skills and training infrastructure in the arts and humanities research community.

Prenomics: Lowering barriers to participation

Latest version published on 19 October, 2022.

Last year, the first Genomics course was delivered, and Community Manager and FAIR coordinator, Evelyn Greeves, blogged about what we learned which included dividing the course into Prenomics and Genomics. Now Evelyn is back with another blog on how that went.

Using citizen science and software to hunt for microplastics

Latest version published on 20 October, 2022.

Very little is known about the microfibres in the air in our homes: How many are there? Are they mostly plastic or other materials? What are the main sources?   The Homes Under the Microscope project aims to harness the power of citizen science to answer all these questions.

International RSE day: Celebrating Research Software Engineering’s pivotal contribution to UK science

Latest version published on 14 October, 2022.

Today (13th October 2022) marks International RSE Day, organised by the International Council of RSE Associations. This is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the contribution of research software engineering (RSE) to UK science. Software is used everywhere in science, from modelling COVID-19, forecasting our future climate and analysing vast quantities of social media data. 

Improvements for man and machine in research software and data publishing

Latest version published on 12 October, 2022.

One tool that easily improves machine readability of data is a data standard called Frictionless Data.

Research software in mathematical biology

Latest version published on 11 October, 2022.

SSI Fellow Georgina Al-Badri talks about how research software and mathematical modelling go hand-in-hand, and her fellowship goal to promote software sustainability in this area of academic research. 

RSECon22: Collaborating on the automation of research software publication with rich metadata

Latest version published on 6 October, 2022.

Publishing your research software in a publication repository is the first step on the path to making your (research) software FAIR! But the publication of the software itself is not quite enough...

Statistical software in Ecology: Impressions from ISEC 2022

Latest version published on 4 October, 2022.

SSI Fellow Philipp Boersch-Supan writes about attending and presenting at the International Statistical Ecology Conference.

Research Software Camp: Supporting mental health in research Software

Latest version published on 30 September, 2022.

Our next Research Software Camp will focus on exploring various aspects of mental health and wellbeing in research software, including causes of stress in research software, dealing with our inner critic through self-compassion, having difficult conversations, team culture, post-Covid hybrid working, isolation, and more.