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Decoding the FAIR principles: Are they relevant to software?

Latest version published on 15 December, 2020.

By Morane Gruenpeter from Inria research centre in France.

Sage Ocean launch new software tool to clean text

Latest version published on 14 December, 2020.

Sage Ocean are launching new software to save researchers time by cleaning text.

A researcher's perspective on working with the Software Sustainability Institute

Latest version published on 9 December, 2020.

Dr Edward Wallace gives a researcher’s perspective on how his involvement with the Institute has helped his work.

Could coaching contribute to more sustainable software?

Latest version published on 3 December, 2020.

SSI Fellow Sorrel Harriet explains the importance of coaching in software development.

Fellows newsletter: December 2020

Latest version published on 1 December, 2020.

This month's SSI Fellows Newsletter which shares activities and opportunities taking place within the Fellows' community.

Top 10 podcasts on software and open research

Latest version published on 30 November, 2020.

As part of our 10 year anniversary series, SSI Fellows Patricia Herterich and Sarah Gibson highlight 10 podcasts that cover software and open research related issues that you might want to add to your playlists.

CarpentryCon@Home: Challenges and Opportunities in transitioning meetings online

Latest version published on 26 November, 2020.

In moving to online platforms, conference organisers can no longer default to traditional in-person practices, which can exclude participants who may already feel marginalised in their communities. Rather, organisers can proactively work to innovate inclusive conference practices.

Open Life Science: where we want to go

Latest version published on 19 November, 2020.

Yo Yehudi, Malvika Sharan and Bérénice Batut discuss where they want to take Open Life Science in the future.

REF 2021 Software Output Guidance

Latest version published on 18 November, 2020.

We have published 'Good Practice in Submitting Software Outputs for REF 2021'. This was developed in consultation with Research Excellence Framework (REF) sub-panel 11 and has been approved by all other panels, so it can be used by the whole research community.

Open Life Science: How far we've come

Latest version published on 18 November, 2020.

By Yo Yehudi, Malvika Sharan and Bérénice Batut. This is the second part of three parts of the Open Life Science project and community report.