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Witnessing the Launch Ceremony of the Malaysia Open Science Platform (MOSP)

Latest version published on 26 June, 2023.

In this article, I share my experience of virtually attending the Malaysia Open Science Platform (MOSP) launch ceremony that took place on May 16, 2023.

The Sorry State of Usable Software in Open Science: Results from Open Science Retreat

Latest version published on 22 June, 2023.

At the recent Open Science Retreat, a group of us from across scientific domains dove into our issues of usability in scientific software. Below is a recap of the discussions and next steps.

Signpost to training resources

Latest version published on 6 July, 2023.

Here we list some of the free and open training resources in various languages available to researchers and Research Software Engineers to help them learn on various topics.

Attending an in-person Asia Pacific Advanced Network (APAN) meeting for the first time

Latest version published on 7 June, 2023.

SSI Fellow, Saranjeet Kaur Bhogal reflects on her experience attending the 55th Asia Pacific Advanced Network (APAN) meeting in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Attending an Open Science unconference retreat

Latest version published on 6 June, 2023.

In early April, Heidi Seibold (co-organised with The Center for Advanced Systems Understanding (CASUS)) hosted the event she always wanted to attend: A week full of scientific discussions and reflections, getting work done, making new friends and resetting.

The Workshop on Sustainable Software Sustainability Report - WoSSS21 is now out!

Latest version published on 1 June, 2023.

The Report on the Workshop on Sustainable Software Sustainability 2021 (WoSSS21) is now available and is the 4th report in the series of WoSSS reports. The report highlights a snapshot of the findings from the WoSSS21 workshop around the state of software sustainability efforts.

The Research Data Alliance: what it is and how to get involved

Latest version published on 1 June, 2023.

SSI fellow Gemma Turon shares her experience with the Research Data Alliance, giving an overview of what ir is and how to get involved.

Geo+Code UK - Lessons from organizing sprints for a mixed audience

Latest version published on 29 May, 2023.

SSI fellow Leonardo Uieda shares his experience bringing together UK geoscientists who code for “Geo+Code”, a 1-day event in Liverpool.

The Festival of the Hidden REF: Bringing Non-Traditional Research Roles in from the Cold

Latest version published on 25 May, 2023.

The inaugural Festival of Hidden REF is coming to Bristol on Thursday 21 September 2023. This unique event will bring together policymakers, publishers, and people in non-traditional research roles to explore ways of improving the assessment of research in the UK.

Logistics of a hybrid Carpentries workshop

Latest version published on 17 May, 2023.

With the increase in “hybrid working” (part-time in the office, part-time from home) in recent years, the need for hybrid events – meetings, conferences, workshops – has become greater.