Highlights from week two of our Research Software Camp on research accessibility

Posted by j.laird on 5 March 2021 - 9:30am

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It’s the end of the second and final week of our inaugural Research Software Camp, which has focussed on different aspects of research accessibility. We’ve explored the topic through a mixture of live sessions, guides on our website and discussions on social media.

You can read about what happened in week one in our previous blog post, and read on for some of the highlights from week two.

Live sessions

We hosted a workshop run by The Turing Way on how to ‘boost your research reproducibility with Binder’. During the workshop participants learned about reproducible computing environments, why they're important, and how to use mybinder.org to help make their research reproducible.

Guides and blog posts

Based on the advice from the The Turing Way workshop, we published a guide on our website of top tips for making the most out of Binder by Emma Karoune et al. on behalf of the Turing Way. This gives helpful advice on improving research reproducibility using Binder.

We also published a guide written by Esther Plomp from TU Delft called How can you make research data accessible? The guide gives steps to follow on the path to sharing data and making it accessible. 

Kaitlin Stack Whitney and SSI Fellows Yo Yehudi and Malvika Sharan wrote a blog post on how to enhance the inclusivity and accessibility of your online calls. This describes how to structure online group calls for successful, multimodal collaboration among people who communicate in different ways. 

Social media

We’ve been sharing useful content and having discussions on our Twitter and LinkedIn pages. You can see a curated selection of content on Wakelet. Continue the conversation on research accessibility using #RSCamps.  

Future camps

We welcome anyone involved with research and research software from all career stages to attend our Research Software Camps. The next Research Software Camp is likely to take place in July 2021. We’ll introduce and explore a specific topic relevant to research and research software. If you have topics you’d like us to explore, send us your suggestions and we’ll consider them for future Camps.

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