SSI contributes to Software Carpentry

Posted by m.jackson on 3 June 2011 - 4:54pm

Chainsaw.jpgWe have written a tutorial on file management in Python, which is now available on the Software Carpentry website.

Since 1997, Software Carpentry has taught scientists and engineers the concepts, skills, and tools they need to use and build software more productively. Software Carpentry is an open-source project that provides a whole range of free-to-use online educational resources, including lectures, videos and exercises.

Greg Wilson, Software Carpentry's project lead, asked us if we could contribute lectures to their site and so extend the range of materials available. Our tutorial shows how to inspect and manipulate files and directories from inside a Python program, and is provided as a series of episodes with slides and audio. These episodes are now available on the Software Carpentry website under systems programming. We look forward to contributing episodes on other subjects in the future.


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