GeoTOD meet with and Ordnance Survey

Posted by m.jackson on 29 November 2010 - 3:10pm

GeoTOD.jpgIn October, the GeoTOD II team presented their work to key members of and the Ordnance Survey. The meeting went well and there was interest in GeoTOD II's work on exposing legacy data sets, linking geographic and locational information, UML to RDFS conversion and also in GeoTOD IIs longer term plans.

GeoTOD II is contributing to the evolution of the UK's Location Strategy by exploring ways of linking geographic information with location data. The Software Sustainability Institute is assisting GeoTOD II in their use of the OGSA-DAI open source framework for distributed data management. OGSA-DAI is a key component of the GeoTOD II architecture.