Befriending your inner critic workshop

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The Research Software Camp: Supporting Mental Health presents the workshop “Befriending your inner critic” online on Tuesday 15 November, 13:00–15:00 GMT. This free two-hour session will be an opportunity to take a step back from the pressures of your day. We’ll turn our research curiosity towards our experience of navigating our research and research software work environments. 

This session has been developed and will be led by Anita Banerji, Research Associate at The Software Sustainability Institute exploring the impact of the SSI’s work and equity, diversity and inclusivity. Anita has lots of experience in writing software from her previous scientific research career and has been practising meditation for nearly 15 years. She is an accredited mindfulness teacher through Breathworks.

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Anita has kindly recorded a video introducing herself, as well as talking about what participants can expect. Watch it on YouTube.

Why attend?

We’ll discuss how mindfulness can help us to get to know our own inner critic and hear a little about the western psychology perspective. There will be space to try out mindfulness meditations that can calm unhelpful thought patterns and cultivate self-compassion, so that we can let our creativity and confidence benefit our work.

Who is this workshop for?

We welcome anyone who is interested in the topic of mental health and how to incorporate mindfulness into research software. More specifically the workshop will be aimed at research software engineers, researchers who write software as part of their research, researchers that directly or indirectly work with research software (e.g. Research Group Leads).

The workshop will be hosted on Zoom. Details of the call will be sent a week in advance. You can be in your usual chair, and you can join from your office or from home. However, it can help if you’re not disturbed too much by other people.

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