David De Roure

Most modern-day research involves the use of software, and research software itself is increasingly recognised as a key output of research by the research community. Software requires maintenance to remain useful, and that calls for a long-term, sustained investment.

By Sinan Shi, University College London, David De Roure, University of Oxford, Nikoleta Glynatsi, Cardiff University, Emma Tattershall,

You find yourself stranded on a beautiful desert island. Fortunately, the island is equipped with the basics needed to sustain life: food, water, solar power, a computer and a network connection. Consummate professional that you are, you have brought the three software packages you need to continue your life and research. What software would you choose and - go on - what luxury item would you take to make life easier?

Today we'll be hearing from David De Roure, Director of the Oxford eResearch Centre.

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By David De Roure, Carole Goble, Mark Parsons and Neil Chue Hong.

There is growing recognition that software underpins our research and infrastructure, and we are increasingly funding the use and development of software in research projects. Software, like data, outlives projects and hardware investments – it underpins the rigour of research and demands at least as much attention as data. It is important that investment in software is backed by simple changes in practice to enable maximum return.

This is…

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