Carole Goble

By Carole Goble, Manchester Principal Investigator at the Software Sustainability Institute, and Mike Croucher, Robert Haines, and Caroline Jay, Fellows at the Software Sustainability Institute.

How should we build the research software of the future? This was the question under consideration at the Dagstuhl Perspective’s Workshop ‘Engineering Academic Software’, co-organised by the Software Sustainability Institute’s Manchester PI Carole Goble. Experts in the area from across the world spent an intensive week presenting, discussing, debating and writing, to define current problems…

In the first of our exclusive Collaborations Workshop 2014 videos, one of the Institute's co-investigators, Professor Carole Goble CBE FREng, discusses reproducibility and why it is important for research. Reproducibility is the principle and practice of being able to repeat an experiment from scratch, which not only ensures high standards for researchers but also prevents errors and fraud in the worst cases.

By David De Roure, Carole Goble, Mark Parsons and Neil Chue Hong.

There is growing recognition that software underpins our research and infrastructure, and we are increasingly funding the use and development of software in research projects. Software, like data, outlives projects and hardware investments – it underpins the rigour of research and demands at least as much attention as data. It is important that investment in software is backed by simple changes in practice to enable maximum return.

This is…

Our thanks to IEEE Internet Computing for allowing us to reproduce the following article from the original version which was published in the September/October 20

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