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SSI Fellow Matthew Bluteau reviews ICCS 2021 and SeptembRSE.

As we come to the end of 2021, the staff at the Software Sustainability Institute reflect on the things they watched, read or listened to over the last year that have made them feel good!
As we come to the end of the year we’re taking a look back at some of the success stories in research software from 2021.


The Call for Contributions for iPres 2022 is open. The iPres2022 Programme Committee invites original contributions that will develop the theory and practice of digital preservation. 
The University of Cambridge is partnering with Schmidt Futures to deliver a new Institute of Computing for Climate Science which will be co-directed by SSI Fellow Dominic Orchard.

The deadline for proposals for participant-led mini-workshops and social activities at Collaborations Workshop 2022 is 23:59 GMT on Friday 4 February.


Collaborations Workshop 2022 (CW22) will take place online from Monday, 4 April to Thursday, 7 April 2022. The Software Sustainability Institute’s Collaborations Workshop series brings together researchers, developers, innovators, managers, funders, publishers, policy makers, leaders and educators to explore best practices and the future of research software.

"We were already following a lot of best practice and it was very good to get this confirmation. We're not computer scientists and don't come from a software development background - we're all scientific programmers - so it was good to get some confirmation that what we do is on the right track"

- Andreas Hegar, CGAT