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SSI Fellow Alex Coleman's first blog post in the Research Software Security Snippets series explores the concept of dependency confusion attack.

The Software Sustainability Institute 2023 Fellows Inaugural Meeting was held on Wednesday 1 February and offered an opportunity for the Fellows to introduce themselves, network with each other and the staff, explore potential collaboration pathways, and ask questions. 
Peter Schmidt reflects on his experience hosting Code For Thought for the past two years.


The SSI Fellows Newsletter shares activities and opportunities taking place within the SSI Fellows' community.

In this week’s episode of Code For Thought Peter Schmidt is joined by Jean-Claude Guédon from the University of Montreal to discuss the Open Access declaration, what has become of

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The next Research Software Camp (RSC) will run for two weeks from 19th to 30th June 2023. The topic will be announced soon.

The Software Sustainability Institute’s Collaborations Workshop series brings together researchers, developers, innovators, managers, funders, publishers, policy makers, leaders and educators to explore best practices and the future of research software.

"We were already following a lot of best practice and it was very good to get this confirmation. We're not computer scientists and don't come from a software development background - we're all scientific programmers - so it was good to get some confirmation that what we do is on the right track"

- Andreas Hegar, CGAT